Signed copies of these policies are in the foyer entrance of pre-school.


Child Protection















The Executive



IMG_4528 Safeguarding Children and Child Protection Childrens Rights and entitlements Looked After Children Missing Child Uncollected Child Supporting Children with Special Educational Needs. Use of mobile phones & cameras Employment. Student placements Induction of staff volunteers and managers. Recording & reporting of accidents & incidents Nappy changing Food & drink Personal care Alcohol & susbstance abuse Fire safety & emergency evacuation Animals in the setting.

Suitable People

Staff qualifications, Training, Support and skills


Safety & suitability of premises, environment & equipment

Equal opportunities

First Aid

Key person

Role of key person & settling in

Staff : Child ratios

Staffing. Administering medicines Food hygiene

Managing behaviour

Promoting positive behaviour. Health & safety general standards Maintaining children's safety & security on premises Supervision of children on outings & visits No smoking Valuing diversity & promoting equality.

Information & records

Parental involvement Provider records Transfer of records to school. Confidentiality & client access to records Information sharing. IMG_3955 Useful contacts Down syndrome Looking after yourself Sleep Behaviour Speech language & communication Homedry potty training

Early Years Support

Late Collection Privacy Statement