Playing in the Woods

On Monday or Wednesday the 'Rising R' children go over to play in the woods at Dr Radcliffe’s Primary School, Forest School session.



IMG_1708 police car 9 IMG_1870

Police visit

Our community police officers came to visit. We all got to sit in the police car and even turned the siren on. It was very noisy !

IMG_9069 IMG_8994 IMG_8991 IMG_2671 IMG_2719

A little walk to the Church.

Rob the farmer bought a tiny lamb in for us to stroke. It was very cute !

One of the children's granddad drove his huge red tractor to Pre-School. We all got to sit in the driver's seat. It was a long way down !

IMG_8722 IMG_8715

One of our mummies bought this really cute hedgehog in for us to see.

Leavers trip to Fairytale Farm

Instead of a presentation, this year we had a leavers trip to Fairytale Farm near Chipping Norton. Everyone had a great time stroking the animals and playing in the playground. The sun shone all day and by the time we got back on the bus to go home, we were all very sleepy !

IMG_2767 IMG_2691 IMG_2719


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